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Rapid Fire Definitions

Don't complicate reality.  Clear thinking requires mechanisms for quickly dealing with large concepts that someone may sometimes get hung-up on.  While wandering down ratholes of philosophical navel-gazing may be enjoyable it is rarely fruitful.   Each of the follow has books dedicated to its discussion and ramifications, that's super but a practical logic requires a concise set of definitions that are easily transferred. 

Warning: Flowery definitions that are neither functional nor direct often indicate a failure to fully form an idea.  While literary flourishes are nice and may even help elucidate the experience of big phenomenon most discussion does not require this level of depth.

Do not hesitate to demand that others define their terms.  If I define ethics with Rand's definition of "what one does to get what's needed to survive" and you define it with a normative definition of "analysis of what makes an action right or wrong" we're heading for wreck.

My Rapid Fire Definitions:

Art - Arrangement of forms to elicit an emotional response.

Consciousness - Awareness to a narrative of events.

Ethics - How one achieves value while being moral.  Without chaining definitions:  How to get the important without doing wrong.

Justice - The distribution of right consequences.

Life - self-sustaining biological systems.

Mind - What the brain does.

Morals - System for determining what is right and wrong.

Time - A system of measurement to determine the sequence of events.

Truth - That which agrees with experienced reality.

Values  - What one considers consistently important.

Many words do double duty for instance "free" can mean without cost as well as without restriction leading to the phrases "free as in beer" and "free as in speech.

So, what are your rapid deploy definitions?